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Create your Dream Wine Cellar with a Reliable Service

Having a wine cellar is both a luxury and necessity for those who love having a wine collection. Wines need to be stored properly or else they will go bad. If you have vintage wine collection, you need to be extra careful. A custom wine cellar design service can help you create a safe place for your precious wines.

Custom home wine cellars can keep your wines safe and create a sanctuary where you can entertain your guests. If you are looking for custom wine cellar design near me, Custom Wine Cellars specializes in creating personalized wine cellars that can meet your specific needs.

Custom Wine Cellar Design Service

Custom wine cellar designers can help you create the space you want. Whether you need a new installation or modifications, wine cellar designer and builders can help you get the desired results.

Our custom wine cellar design service offers personalized service that incudes designing and building. With so many years in the field and passion for creating stunning wine cellars has made us popular among our customers. No matter what type cellar you want, we can easily meet your needs.

New Installations or Improve Existing One

Whether you need a new installation or want to add new features to the existing ones, we can do it all. We can create custom wine cabinets for easy store and to make a stunning display area. Our custom-made wine cabinets can improve the overall efficiency of the place. If you are looking for wine cellar designers near me, you are in the right place.

We can install new cabinets, find customized refrigeration system and help install it. We can help you create a safe space for your wine collection.

Get Practical & Aesthetically Superior Designs

If you are looking for wine cellar installation near me, Custom Wine Cellars can build a wine cellar that looks amazing and works efficiently. We combine the practicality and aesthetic appeal to create something unique. Using the best technique and our creative approach, we help people create a stunning place for wines.

Personalized for Your Needs

If you are looking for the best wine cellar builders near me, let Custom Wine Cellars help you build your dream space. It doesn’t matter how small or big your place is, or what kind of vintage wine you want to store, we can create a customized plan to fit your needs. We use reliable products that will help your win cellars last for a lifetime.

Let us help you design & build the wine cellar you always wanted.

Over 600 wine cellars designed and built

Over 28 Years designing and building custom wine cellars.

  • Practicing since 1993 with over 600 wine cellas designed and build
  • A true expert and perfectionist that understands
  • Create a wine cellar that will last a lifetime
  • True Service, Instananous response
  • Backed by a 24/7/365 warranty
  • An expert that understands the full produt and process,
    and can share a vision of the final product
Evan - design and build

Evan Goldenberg is a design architect who is fascinated by the way space transforms feelings and emotions. He is captivated by the way certain materials blend together. Transfixed by acoustics and temperature control. Tiles and insulation. Layouts. Design.

That enthrallment drives him to understand everything about what he does at the deepest and most creative levels. It enables Evan to soak up every detail of your dream and then compose a symphony of beauty that transcends your expectations.

Design build consultants for a modern wine cellar in the New York area
  • CT Architect – ARI.0007892
  • Home Improvement Contractor – HIC.0564869
  • NY Architect – 023311-1
  • Westchester HIC – WC-10166-H99
  • Nassau HIC – HI8F1930000
  • Suffolk HIC – H-42587
  • NJ Architect – 21AI01694900
  • RRP – Cert. # R-I-74543-18-64032
  • EPA – Lead Safe Certified – NAT-81841-3


Customer Testimonials

  • It was our dream to turn an unused vault in our basement into our wine cellar. The space was narrow and long, making it a challenging conversion. Evan designed a wine cellar that maximized bottle storage. The finished product retains elements of the original space that gave it the character we loved.

    Katharine & Chris Roth

  • The care for the quality of construction and provide attention-to-detail in offering services. Evan Goldenberg brings every project that is of the highest order. He possesses a unique combination of architectural training, construction expertise, and love for great wine. Evan’s ability to listen to a client’s vision and turn it into a state-of-the-wine cellar is magic.

    Deborah Barker

  • Evan has done beautiful wine rooms for our homes. In Easton, he created a beautiful, traditional, octagonal-shaped wine room all from Cherry. In Westport, he used a contemporary wine wall made from glass and stainless steel. Evan is a true artist, who can envision what design would work best with a particular space.

    Stephen & Ellen-Jo Mendell

  • Private Client, Mamaroneck, NY

  • It was our dream to turn an unused vault in our basement into our wine cellar. The space was narrow and long, making it a challenging conversion. Evan designed a wine cellar that maximized bottle storage. The finished product retains elements of the original space that gave it the character we loved.

    Katharine & Chris Roth

  • Evan built my custom wine cellar inside a 100 year old stone closet and did a beautiful job. I would reccomend him for any wine cellar related project.

    Rob Stavis

  • Evan is an amazing business professional. He has worked hard to build a wonderful company and develop a solid team around him. You should give him a call if you are just thinking about designing a wine cellar. You will be pleasantly surprised.

    Elizabeth Kopyscinski

  • I have known Evan Goldenberg for more than ten years. In these ten years, I have had the pleasure of working with Evan. From my experience, I have come to find out that Evan is much more than an architect. He has knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm that is unmatched. He is extraordinarily creative and has an attention to detail that any master architect would envy. Evan pours his heart and soul into each of his works of art and it is demonstrated in his creations. Anyone that has worked with Evan will undoubtedly agree with my brief analysis of Evan and his designs.

    Scott Pfister

The Design & Build Process

Custom wine cellar planning

Step one

Design Presentation

Review floor plans, elevations, sections, lighting layout.  Discuss estimates of woodwork and equipment costs

Making a wine cellar to order

Step two

Bidding & Negotiating Process

Compile sub-contractor bids and material costs into a custom spreadsheet and present

Step 3 of making a wine cellar

Step three


Protection, framing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, mechanical, drywall, priming, tiling, painting, cabinetwork installation, system commissioning, testing

Modern wine cellar made to order

Final Step

Project Delivery

Review system components, refrigeration system operation, review 24/7/365 warranty

Materials for making a wine cellar

The Highest Quality
Materials & Equipment


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