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Project Description

I truly appreciate my repeat clients.  Especially when they fall deep into the passion of wine tasting and collecting.  After only a few short years after finishing the clients first cellar, they needed more space for case storage expansion.  An under-the-stair space can be utilized in an imaginative way especially when it can grow into large enough area for a proper refrigeration system.


Project Description

Referrals from another client is always very special. This client had an unused art room where the mother and daughter used to create art projects together. Now they were ready to renovate this space into a destination space of their home for entertaining adjacent to the billiards parlor and sitting room, wet bar and powder rooms. I still remember when the husband asked what my vision was and before I could even reply, the wife said…….honey, leave Evan alone. He is an artist!


Project Description

A client calls one day and says, “I would like to convert my dining room into a wine storage room”. I said, “are you sure you want to do that? Yes, and my wife wants some very unusual wood!” One wormy chestnut wine storage room coming up and don’t forget the brick pavers on the floor.


Project Description

The challenge was to work with an existing contractor who lacks the knowledge and experience to create a functional and aesthetic wine cellar.
Coming in mid-stream, the goal was to work alongside the general contractor while designing a custom cellar that matched the elegance and freshness of this new home already under construction.
As with every job, there was an obsession with details— for example, sourcing and procuring character grade white oak, sealing exposed knots and finishing it. When the owners walked into their new home, they experienced an elegant and relaxing wine experience that blends perfectly with the sophistication of their new home.


Project Description

The owners of this Mamaroneck home interact with their wine every day, and our challenge was to facilitate that interaction seamlessly.
The first step was to convert an existing hallway and exercise area with a small wine closet into a dedicated wine storage space.
We worked in tandem with the home decorator, and space was redesigned to flow with the aesthetics and functionality of the home. These oenophiles now enjoy a wine cellar and entertainment area that is integrated with their home-living and located adjacent to, and viewable from, their kitchen.


Project Description

How do you create a wine experience that matches the elegance of an existing home with a full-cellar luxury renovation within the confines of limited space?
By designing a cellar that strategically took advantage of existing mechanical systems, we could achieve an elegant cellar. The existing mechanical system helped to retain space and functionality. We added elevation to add height and grandeur. The clients’ experienced a breathless wine-presentation space that exceeded their expectations.


Project Description

It was a challenge to build a wine cellar with all of the required mechanical and storage space in the pricey New York City where ever square footage is at a premium.
By designing an above-the-ground viewing cellar, adjacent to the informal dining room, viewable through glass-paned doors, the homeowner achieved their goal of a ‘Cellar in the City.’ The wine cellar also boasts of punctuated stainless steel wine racking. We were able to blend artistry, sophistication, and practicality.


Project Description

Is the third time the charm? Working with clients over many years allows one to truly understand how their collection grows. Accommodating 6,500 bottles is no short task, but making it stand apart from other cellars is the challenge. The grandeur of the space becomes visible through a stair landing and the lighting does the rest.

Huntington, NY

Project Description

The owners of this home were well known for their spectacular wine cellar. When they decided to downsize to a newly constructed, more modern home, they wanted a smaller but just as impressive wine environment.
Their new, avant-garde wine cellar with custom-designed lighting and a luxurious adjacent dining room provides all of the impact of their prior cellar with a freshness that artistically plays a prominent role in this modern home.


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